Premature Ovarian Failure

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Premature ovarian failure is the cessation of menses for more than 1 year before 40 years of age secondary to loss of ovarian function. POF used to be called premature menopause. However, POF is not the same as menopause. Some women with POF still have occasional periods. Premature menopause is when periods stop before age of 40. This can be natural or caused by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Missed periods are usually the first sign of POF. Later symptoms may be similar to those of natural menopause. Most women with POF cannot get pregnant naturally. Fertility treatments help a few women; others use donor eggs to have children. There is no treatment that will restore normal ovarian function. However, many health care providers suggest taking hormones until age 50.


Laboratory Test Procedures:

change in menstrual cycles
erectile dysfunction
trouble sleeping
vaginal dryness
hot flashes

Luteinizing Hormone
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
TSH w/reflex to T4 Free
T4 Total
T4 Free
Calcium (Ca) (URINE TEST)
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