dotNET Obfuscator secures dotNET project source code codes

   Published: 30 Sep 2024
Unauthorized access to source code can offer a quick back entrance into your systems, business processes and revenue streams.
Global piracy rate has increased 40% over the past years and nearly $11 billion is lost. Over the years, several software protection techniques have been developed, code obfuscation is one of them and it is very promising.This is definitely a clear threat for software producers and thus to global economy. With more than half of million developers with some level of access to .NET reengineering tools providing near instant access to source from any .NET binary, organizations across industries are entrusting on obfuscation to managing these risks.

It makes reference to software protection. Mainly, the practice among programmers is to make their programs in a simple way. They then use an obfuscator which makes it hard for another person to copy those programs.Developers of software create some codes that help in making it hard for other people to copy their original work. The NET obfuscator from Skater is one typical example. When it comes to computing, the meaning is still the same. The word obfuscate refers to something made in a hazy way such that understanding it is not easy. This obfuscation software utilizes a set of codes that are not easily comprehensible.