Skater .NET obfuscator code protection tool assemblies

   Published: 23 Feb 2024
According to Issue Software Alliance statistics, four out of all ten software programs is pirated in software business, humanity wide.
Application vulnerabilities, Intellectual Property theft and revenue shortfall are among the nearly all serious dangers facing companies today.

You may decide on all strings to be encrypted. However, for model, an attacker wearisome to break a licensing regular would first focus interest on Strings having to do with licensing to locate the fitting spot of code. Furthermore you may mark selected specific strings to complicate. Only individual strings will be encrypted/obfuscated.
Since Strings can impart useful evidences for anyone irritating to reverse-engineer your code it makes sense to keep your string data from intelligence work eyes. It will not put a stop to an absolute hacker since deciphering the conversion and seeing your data. This is completed by inserting a decryption routine addicted to the assembly and calling the decryption code at runtime to come back the original Strings.The string encryption utility allows you to select literal morals of string data type to be encrypted. You have preference to apply a cryptography approach for the string encryption. Skater can make this supplementary difficult by encrypting the strings in your .NET assembly.