Skater .NET obfuscator code protection tool executable

   Published: 5 Mar 2024
Plus more than semi of million developers with certain level of open to .NET reengineering tools providing hard by instant entry to source from any .NET dual, organizations across industries are entrusting on obfuscation to running these risks. This is definitely a see-through threat for software producers and as a consequence to global cost-cutting. Over the time, several software guard techniques have been urban, code obfuscation is one of them and it is very promising.Global piracy toll has increased 40% above the past existence and nearly $11 billion is abandoned. Unauthorized door to source code can offer a fast back door into your systems, transaction processes and revenue streams.

According to Business Software Alliance data, four out of every ten software programs is pirated in software custom, world wide.Application vulnerabilities, Intellectual Chattels theft and revenue loss are amongst the most fundamental risks facing companies in our day.